Top 25 Men Shoes Brands In Pakistan

Top 10 shoes brands in Pakistan for men. A common problem for men is which brand of shoes should I buy to keep me comfortable and long-lasting? As you know men prefer to wear pure leather shoes due to comfortable and leather shoes also Last longer. And the other positive factor of leather shoes is shining and giving you a modish look. These days many shoe brands working in Pakistan and provide innovative styles in men’s footwear. So, It is a little difficult to find a good shoe, that made with pure leather and also stitched well.

Top 25 Stylish Shoes brands in Pakistan for men

There are many shoe brands in Pakistan, some brands working for 50 years, and some getting attention from recent years. Same like some international brands start working in Pakistan and introducing high-quality men shoes for Pakistani peoples. All brands producing the shoes in various materials and styles. But right now we discuss the Top 10 Foorware brands that use pure leather and quality stitching. Another important part of shoes is the sole. As we mention above most men like to wear pure leather shoes due to quality and comfort. Here another important thing is Shoe Sole. That you need to keep in mind whenever you want to buy a good pair of shoes. The sole is the bottom part of the shoe that also provide you comfort and grip while walking.

So, there are many variants of the sole using by shoemakers. How you can know which one is best and long-lasting.

Type Of Shoes Sole

  1. Rubber Sole
  2. Commando sole
  3. Polyurethane (PU) sole
  4. PVC sole
  5. Cork sole
  6. Leather sole
  7. EVA sole
  8. TPU sole

Usually, in Pakistan peoples know about PU, Leather, and rubber sole, but its depend on your needs, What purpose are you buying shoes for? let us explain, if you want to buy sports shoes, you need rubber sole shoes that provide you comfort and grip while running and morning walk. Second, if you are an engineer and working in hard fields you need to buy shoes with TPU sole. Thermoplastic urethane (TPU) has great abrasion and anti-slip protection, which makes it a perfect material for soling of safety shoes.

Which sole is best for shoes?

While research we noticed many peoples searching about Which sole is best for shoes? The answer is only that it’s depending on your needs. As we mention before 8 types of shoe soles and all them useful for different footwear. So, here we discuss formal shoes So, in Pakistan approximately made shoes with PU (Polyurethane) sole. PU sole is one of the best material it has an excellent surface finish with a water-proof ability which gives it excellent sole material for street shoes. So, PU sole is one of the best options for formal shoes.

The third main factor of shoes is stitching quality and stitching also depends on the thread that used for stitching the shoes. Top-rated shoe brands use Polyester multifilament yarn to stitch the leather shoes and also one of the best threads to stitch the leather. Another thing to keep in mind when you check the stitching quality of any shoe How the sole of any boot and shoe connects to the upper is one of the most natural ways to know the potential lifespan of any given the shoes.

Blake Rapid stitching Pattern Infographic

The Blake Rapid stitching style is a mixture of the Blake and Goodyear stitching method. As you can see above in the picture can explain Blake Rapid stitching style and also one of the best techniques that provide hold strong., it keeps the same Blake Stitch through the insole. This time however it adds a midsole which is in turn stitched to the outsole with a machine. So, below we mention the Top 25 shoe brands in Pakistan for men and we also discuss the Top 5 shoe brands in Pakistan that have millions of satisfied customers in Pakistan. Let’s have a look at the detailed review of the 5 best Shoe brands in Pakistan for men.

25 Men Shoes Brands In Pakistan

  1. CAT Foot Wear Pakistan
  2. ARINO Shoes 
  3. Epcot Shoes
  4. Borjan Shoes 
  5. Bata Shoes 
  6. Unze London 
  7. Urbansole
  8. Hush Puppies
  9. Insignia Shoes
  10. Starlet Shoes 
  11. Metro Shoes
  12. Mōcciani
  13. IN SOLE
  14. Servis Shoes
  15. Atalian Shoes
  16. English Boot House
  17. NDURE
  18. Sputnik Shoes
  19. Spadera Shoes 
  20. J. Shoes
  21. Crayons Shoes
  22. Cherry Shoes
  23. Milli Shoes Liberty
  24. Corio Footwear
  25. Italian Shoes

CAT Foot Wear Pakistan

Men Shoes Brand CAT Foot Wear

CAT is an international and well-known brand who provide quality stuff to his customers. The brand also gives you international standard quality and reliable experience of footwear. CAT made various types of shoes like Sports, Workwear, Sneakers, and more. Vapor is a famous article of this brand and an engineered sneaker with breathable nylon mesh lining, durable rubber outsole for traction, and single density ease footbed for lightweight comfort. Making it the future shoe that you need now! These shoes are made for hard-work men, hence the high quality and durability provide you full of comfort. One most satisfying of CAT Shoe is that it covers all walks of life, from casual to formal. It also has a wide range of formal shoes and sneakers as well as sportswear. If ever you are looking for a durable pair that sit comfortably in your budget, explore CAT Shoes Online Store near you, you will find your ultimate match there and also enhance your formal look.


25 Men Shoes Brands In Pakistan

ARINO Shoes a premium brand that turns leather into style and comfort. The brand produced high-quality leather shoes and leather accessories for men. You can buy leather shoes, wallets, and belts make by this brand. They made all kinds of shoes like formal and casual shoes and all designs introduced by this brand have really innovative style and look. You can buy Moccasins, Boots, Oxford Derby, Monk Straps style shoes informal collection and Loafers, Sneakers shoes, in causal collection with the best quality and unique styles.

Borjan Shoes

Borjan Shoes

Borjan Shoes is a leading shoe brand in Pakistan. Borjan including in few brands that have introduced innovation and style in the footwear industry in Pakistan. And Borjan has many outlets around Pakistan even in small towns and cities. Here I want to say that is my choice and I always bought shoes from Borjan and also like the quality and comfort of the shoe made by Borjan. Sometimes I feel the shoes of this brand expansive but on another side, I also accept that the shoe is long-lasting and not damaged quickly. So, if you want to try Borjan shoes I promise you never disappointed with the quality of Borjan.

Mōcciani Shoes

Top 25 Men Footwear Brands In Pakistan

A luxury and innovative footwear brand that presenting stunning styles in men’s shoes. Mocciani was established with a vision planned for postmodern cultured men and women. Mocciani as a footwear label is keen to look for luxury comfort. The Brand working From 2008 till now Mocciani committing to building and focusing on new trends. The brand also following the international standard to build comfortable footwear that also gives you elegant look. It will put an irresistibly off-duty masculine accent on your dressing, allowing you to bare your ankles becomingly. Mocciani assembled a selection of some of the most luxurious formal shoes around; in a range of textures and styles, you’re sure to find the perfect shoes for you. So, in the end, Mocciani Shoes are the best option to buy a luxe shoe that reflects your dressing sense.

Hush Puppies

Hush Puppies

Be True, Be Comfy, Be Bright, Be Bold, is a trademark of Hush Puppies. The Brand launched multicolored rainbow suedes into the mix, bringing a new means of emotion to feet all over the world. In the ‘90s, The Brand revived these traditional styles and launched an inspired line of shades that included Day-Glo Green and Pepto Bismol Pink. The Brand continues to experiment with color and self-expression and are continually on the lookout for designs and colors that will bring more fun to your feet. Not only is Hush Puppies affordable but also made long-lasting, and durable shoes for Men. Your pair of Hush Puppies will serve you for years if only you keep it polished regularly.

Tips & Tricks to Recognize Between Genuine & Faux Leather

  • Not a smooth texture, leather does not have a smooth texture when you touch the top of the shoe, it will not be smooth at all.
  •  Leather just like the skin will wrinkle or crease slightly under pressure. synthetic leather under pressure will only depress and retain its shape.
  • Genuine leather products have an innate musty smell to them
  • Real leather, just like our skin, absorbs moisture. If you drop a few drops of water on the leather, the leather will absorb it.
  • Normally, a pair of genuine leather shoes are heavier than faux pair.


Your sophistication is your identity. As well as good clothes, good shoes also identify your personality. As we mentioned before many men’s footwear brands working in Pakistan. They introduced the latest styles day by day. We also mention before the 5 best shoe brands for men and these brands have a different price ranges of shoes. Leather shoes are always considered the best shoes for men.