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Pakistani Celebrities Get Married This Year

Pakistani Celebrities Get Married This Year 2019

The year 2019 is about to end with some happy and sad memories. This year, where a lot of things happened in the world, so there was a lot of change in the showbiz world of Pakistan. The fate of some artists is interconnected, while some have parted ways. Let’s see which of the celebrities of Pakistan this year tie into marriage relationships. So here we have some information about those celebrities getting married in this year. As you know top Pakistani news channels and also social media persons discussing on each Pakistani Celebrities wedding function, but some wedding function getting wide attention of peoples and in it conversation of Pakistani peoples.

So as Anjuman’s second marriage also discussing by peoples and some peoples also trolled on it. Same wise Hamza Abbasi wedding with Nimil Khawar also discussing on social media due to very simple wedding function and the bride getting ready myself. Some peoples also commenting on it and the couple setting up an example for those who rich and spending much money just showcased.

Iman Ali Married With Babar Bhati

Pakistani Celebrities Iman Ali Married With Babar Bhati

A top Model & Actress Pakistan’s renowned model and actress Iman Ali, who showed the magic of her acting in films like “Khuda Kay Liye,” “Bol” and “Mah e Mir, was performed in February, so she was married this year with Babar Bhati. Photos and videos of Iman Ali wedding ceremonies went viral on social media for several days while his admirers greeted Iman Ali and his bride Babar Bhatti.

Anjuman (Super Star Of Film Industry)

Pakistani Celebrities Anjuman Married With Waseem Lucky

The renowned actress of the Pakistani film industry “Anjuman” surprised everyone by marrying former film producer and businessman Waseem Lucky Ali at the age of 64 this year. However, instead of marrying, “Dhool Dhamka” the actress preferred to marry her in the presence of a few close friends and friends.

Naheed Shabbir Married With Nomi Khan

Naheed Shabbir Married With Nomi Khan
Leading TV actress Naheed Shabbir also tied the knot with former producer Nomi Khan in August of this year. It was the second marriage of actress Naheed Shabbir and her husband, Nomi. Naheed Shabbir’s wedding was also widely discussed on social media.

Hamza Abbasi Married With Nimil Khawar

Pakistani Celebrities Hamza Abbasi Married With Nimil Khawar

The marriage of former actors Hamza Abbasi and Nimil Khawar was quite a surprise to their fans as their fans did not know that the couple would marry suddenly, but: Hamza Abbasi announced their wedding on social media. Surprised everyone: Hamza Abbasi and Nimil Khawar tied the knot on August 25 this year.
Instead of celebrating their wedding in the traditional style of Pakistan, the couple married in the presence of close relatives. Nimil Khawar is still in the discus on social media due to his mother’s old clothes on the day of his marriage. Sudden marriage of the two surprised the Pakistanis so much that the people of Pakistan had been searching on Google for the entire year, just because of this, they became the first Pakistani Celebrities person to be explored on Google this year.

According to a list released in Google Trends, the personality that Pakistanis searched the most for Google this year was Hamza Ali Abbasi’s wife and former actress Nimal Khawar.

Hassan Ali’s Married With Samia Arzo

Pakistani Celebrities Hassan Ali's Married With Samia Arzo

Apart from Hamza Abbasi, news of national cricketer Hassan Ali’s marriage to Indian girl Samia Arzo has been dominating the media. The two were married in August while the wedding ceremony was held in Dubai. Apart from Hassan Ali’s friend Shadab Khan, close friends, friends, and social media all over Pakistan shared their happiness and wished the best for both of them. Hassan Ali’s wedding also getting viral in social media or some peoples trolling on this couple” pictures due to overreacting of Hassan Ali’s. and also some peoples making Memes on Hassan Ali’s pictures. And Hassan Ali’s wife same wise discuss at social media due to his Indian nationality.

Hassan Ali’s Married With Sania Ashfaq

Hassan Ali’s

In August, another cricketer, Imad Wasim, got married to British-born Pakistani woman Sania Ashfaq. The marriage ceremony was held at the Shah Faisal Mosque in Islamabad. This couple wedding always viral on social media and greetings people for success full marriage.

Sanam Chaudhry Married With Somai Chauhan

Sanam Chaudhry Married With Somai Chauhan

The actress and Pakistani Celebrities who joined the wedding this year also included actress Sanam Chaudhry, who announced her marriage by sharing photos of their wedding on social media in November. Sanam Chaudhry has chosen singer Somai Chauhan as his life partner. According to the media, after the marriage, the United States has shifted.

Zainab Abbas Married With hamza kardar

Pakistani Celebrities Zainab Abbas Married With hamza kardar

In November, Pakistan’s leading sports news presenter Zainab Abbas was married with hamza kardar. The couple was married in Lahore and celebrating his marriage with tradition, while photos and videos of Zainab Abbas wedding went viral on social media.

Mira Sethi Married With Bilal Siddiqui

Mira Sethi Married With Bilal Siddiqui
The daughter of former chairman PCB Najam Sethi and actress Mira Sethi another famous model fromĀ Pakistani Celebrities also got married this year with her close friend Bilal Siddiqui. Mira Sethi sent a message of simplicity on social media, saying that she did her own makeup on the wedding and made the hair herself. Social media users greatly appreciated him for setting principles.

Nealim Munir also denied secret marriageĀ 

Secret wedding news is just rumors: Neelam Munir.

The well-known actress Neelam Munir has said that there is absolutely no truth in the news of my secret marriage, and it is only rumored, marriage is nothing to hide and will announce it at front of you. whenever I decide to marry. In an interview, Neelam Munir said that marriage is an obligation, and it should be paid to everyone. I am not the first girl in showbiz that has been reported to the media like this, but there are numerous actresses who have been secretly married in the news. “Whenever I get married, I don’t have to keep it a secret, I will declare it at media, and friends will be invited too,” he said. Don’t spread the baseless rumors. So don’t trust fake news.

Likewise, news of different artists’ weddings has been in circulation, but those are just fake news and some people’s viral fake information on social media platforms. So I hope you also impressed by these top celebrities of the Pakistani showbiz industry, or may you enjoying the wedding functions or your favorite superstars. Because people want to know the personal life of his favorite stars, what they doing and how those spending his life. Recently another wedding function got viral on social media do you know about it? yes, Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma wedding and this couple hashtag trending on twitter for several days. So comment here which one is your favorite star. So these are top Pakistani celebrities who married this year.