How Can I Help My Baby Sleep At Night?

As cute as babies are, they can cause considerable distress to any parent whenever they give out that shrill cry signaling that their state of contentment has gone below the satisfactory level. Whether you are new at parenting or have the experience of raising two or more kids, the amount of stress that a waling baby will cause you never diminishes. One of the main problems from raising a child is getting the baby to sleep through the night because they have irregular sleeping habits.

Helping Your Baby Get To Sleep At Night

The most crucial step in successfully getting the baby to sleep through the night is establishing a routine of activities, commencing in a fixed time for sleep each day. This will help in the start of the development of a healthy routine for your bundle of joy. However, this is not an easy feat as your baby knows of only one form of communication and this is crying.

If only babies could talk then your problems will all be over as they could be able to communicate what seems to be the problem. Part of the challenge of parenting, however, is understanding the clues and cues that will help point you to what your baby really needs. Sometimes the problem with getting the baby to sleep through the nightlies is an unmet need that hinders sleep. The following are the usual problems of babies that you need to attend to so that your baby will sleep soundly through the night:

  • Problems on basic needs. Sleep will be the last thing on your baby’s mind if other physical needs are unmet. This can range from problems on being hungry to unsuited attire for the weather conditions.
  • Problems with health. Babies tend to be cranky when they are sick such as when they are teething, a fever, or others. In getting the baby to sleep through the night, try to make your baby as comfortable as ever by giving the needed care to remedy the problem.
  • Emotional problems. Even in their innocent state, babies are still attuned to family problems. The way you carry your baby is enough to communicate the emotions you are feeling at that particular time. In getting the baby to sleep through the night, try to meet the emotional aspects as well.

How much sleep do babies need a chart can explain the time?

how much sleep do babies need chart

Because the circadian rhythm of infants has not yet been adjusted to the usual sleep and wake cycle of adults, you typically will encounter your 0-to-6-month infant waking at least once, twice, or sometimes more during the night; and your 6-to-12-month baby, once or twice. A parent needs to know that this is just normal at this stage and does not reflect the type of parenting that you provide.

The best way of getting the baby to sleep through the night and to get some sleep yourself is to create an environment conducive to your baby’s sleep. Below are tips on how to make your environment sleep-ready, thus, aiding you in getting baby to sleep through the night:

Choose the right sleeping gear. Do not underestimate the power of the right attire in getting baby to sleep through the night. Before anything else, bathing or wiping your baby clean will make for a good and refreshing start. Naturally, if the weather is humid, some light clothing will be suitable; for the wet and cold days, some thick clothing will keep your baby warm and cozy.

Dress his or her room for comfort. Take out anything that might serve as a hindrance in getting the baby to sleep through the night such as mobiles hung above your baby’s crib. Another is to make sure that the color of the paint in your baby’s room does not hinder sleep. Avoid screaming colors that stimulate the sense and go for light hues of the “baby” type (baby blue, baby pink). Make sure that the ventilation of the room is adequate, not too cold and not to warm. You can also play soft sounds that are repetitive.

Keep him or her safe at all times. One of the top things that you need to provide is a secure environment. Getting the baby to sleep through the night also entails baby-proof his or her surroundings from accidents. Remove all nuisances such as stuffed toys and loose blankets which will not only distract your baby from getting the much-needed sleep but can strangulate and harm him or her as well.