Best Pakistani Fancy Dresses To Wear On Wedding

Pakistani Fancy Dresses for wedding
Pakistani Fancy Dresses for wedding

Fancy Dresses You Can Wear On Wedding

Weddings are the most amazing events everywhere, whether it’s yours, you have to attend someone’s wedding. So if you are going to participate in a marriage, then you must be plan some things before. What can you wear? Dress, jewelry, shoes, or some other items also. Because every wedding is a family gathering, and women are more sensitive to their look. They also want to look unique to others. In India and Pakistan, marriage is a different function from other countries. In these countries, marriage events bit longer or consisted of some related functions like Mehndi, Barat, Walima. So women need more cloth and other ornamental things.

If you are a bride, then a wedding ceremony is more important for you, but if you are invited as a guest, then you may ignore something. So here we only suggest you what you can wear in any marriage function if you are invited as a guest. First of all, you need to select your dresses. In Pakistan, women are worn colorful and heavy work clothes at weddings. In the past, women are making special dresses for wedding occasions. On whom the special Pakistani traditional embroidery works done by hand. Tilla, Kora, Dubki, its called zari work. Also looking beautiful and shining and every woman wears these type dresses on wedding events. But now a lot of change in life, everything updates or modernizes. Many traditions of the past have down. So a lot has changed in the clothes in that way too.

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Now, these days, a new industry has emerged called the fashion industry, which was not so popular in the past. Now fashion designers are presenting their ideas. Nowadays, the world is a different world in terms of fashion. Right now, in Pakistan, most designers offering the latest wedding wear collection for women and young girls. Every designer knows that Pakistani women are crazier than men. They play with the emotions of Pakistani women. But this has led to good competition, or you can see some exciting ideas in women’s clothing. So one thing is confirmed woman wants to wear aggressive and modernize dresses on the marriage ceremony.

Walima dress

Which Type Dresses Wear On Wedding In Pakistan?

A complicated question, but let me explain something. Already say that one thing is clear women need fully embroidered dresses with a modern look. So another thing is that she also wants unique cut and style those giving her a prominent look than others. Whichever always reliable to wear and easy to carry with jewelry and handbags etc. Women mostly like those dresses that made with chiffon fabric because it’s very light stuff or comfortably wears in summer days. Now another thing is the style of dress. Pakistani women mostly wear shalwar kameez on regular days or at a wedding. But you also have some other choice as well, like Shalwar kameez, Frock, Kurti with gharara, Lehnga choli, Saree, Sharara, etc. These all are traditional dresses to wearing at a wedding in India and Pakistan.

Fancy Dresses For Wedding

Here in Pakistan, right now, a lot of fashion designers are presenting the latest collections of fancy dresses for wear at a wedding ceremony. The designers are also introducing marvel ideas in modern stitching styles. Here I have mentioned some really big names who made fancy and party wear dresses for women according to the latest fashion. Anaya, Baroque, Elan, Gulaal, Iznik Chiffon, Mushq, Flossie, Qalamkar, these are well-known party wear brand in Pakistan. Other top-rated clothing brands Sana Safinaz, Asim Jofa, Maria-B, also working on party wear dresses, but these brands especially known as party wear brands. So here I haven’t shared anything from these clothing brands. I will publish here some other party wear, or wedding wear dresses those called Zari work dresses.

Zari work dresses ideas in Pakistan

Special Dresses For Mehndi Night

Mehndi is the first ceremony of any wedding. In this event, women are applying Mehndi on the bride and groom’s hand. Girls are singing some special songs or celebrate the fun with happiness. So in clothing a trend in India and Pakistan, most girls like to wear a yellow dress on Mehndi night. It can be a simple yellow dress or maybe a little bit embroidered with green dupatta. If you like to see ideas about what you can wear on the Mehndi event, then you need to look in Latest Mehndi Dress Designs.

Yellow Mehndi Dress For Wedding

Party Wear Dress For Baraat

The second day of the wedding event is Baraat, another most important day of the wedding. You need to wear easy to carry dress on this day because you are going to travel. You can wear Saree, it’s looking graceful, or you can move quickly with jewelry and other things. Another option is a zari work shirt with embroidered gharara, always a batter option for young girls or giving you feminine look. Here you can see some other option as well, so scroll down or plan to make your days awesome.

Party Wear Dress For Baraat

What should I wear to my friend’s Walima?

The last day of the wedding or you can have a limited option that you can wear on Walima? No way you have more opportunities to get a glamour look. Recently I have seen some brands collection for weddings wear those looking much pretty or giving you an adorable look at the wedding. You need to look Isfahan Wedding Collection; may you find a batter option to wear a sophisticated formal dress make your day. In formal clothing, you can find some adorable suits with vibrant embroidered patterns, short heavy embroidered shirts with a fancy bottom. Some dresses with luxurious embroidery or an open shirt style are not looking bad. Same like some heavy Pret was looking good with elegant trousers. So at least choice is up to you.

Party Wear Dress For Walima

These ideas work for your festive and wedding events also. Just one more thing need to consider color combination or wedding dresses. I know you plane everything before buying, but maybe you have ignored some points. One is that first, you need to know about timing. Because what you want to wear may vary for day and night. If you are going to attend day function, then may you can wear a dark combination of colors. But if you are going to participate in a wedding function at night, then you need to care about the selection of colors. At night you can face artificial light with high contrast. So you need to select light colors combination for night events.
If you are married women or have a sweet baby girl, then what do you think about wearing matching attire for both of you. I saw a couple of women and his baby girl who were the same outfit on festive days. I have seen some Pakistani designer who has made the same dresses for both of you. It’s not a bad idea and also a sign of love.

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So, in the end, I hope you can like some ideas about wedding wear or may this article can help you. The fashion trends in Pakistani clothing change every day, but some ideas always keep their importance. Maybe you have seen some fashion trends since but those dresses are worn nowadays even with a little change. That is why they say that fashion is never getting old, but it takes innovations.

Where to buy these dresses ?

All the dresses I have published in this post collect from Google; maybe these dresses are designed by Pakistani designers. But one thing is common in these dresses they all are beautiful or giving you a sensible look at the wedding. Maybe you can’t get these designs in the market, but I have a suggestion for you if you like any dress from these designs save in your mobile. Or try to find bridal and partywear dressmakers in the market. Those shopkeepers provide you the same dress as you want, but some things also keep in mind, always demand custom stitching and look handwork of these shopkeepers.

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