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Levis Jeans Vs Furor Jeans Which Is Best And Why?

Perhaps the most common clothing item in every man’s wardrobe, Demin Jeans are casual pants that are comfortable for long-wearing and are ideal for all Pakistani seasons. A hassle-free clothing item, jeans can be worn any day of the year and to almost every casual occasion without worrying about damaging the fabric. Jeans are considered an affordable and versatile piece of clothing that goes with every style and even looks great with kurtas and other Eastern clothing. Out of the multitude of brands that manufacture high-quality jeans in Pakistan,

Levi’s and Furor stand out with their affordability and on-trend styles

Levi’s Jeans

An American clothing company Levi’s is renowned globally for its affordable and durable denim jeans. Founded by the German immigrant Levi Strauss in 1853 who is credited for designing ‘blue jeans’ which was further styled and improvised by a Nevada tailor called Jacob Davis. He used tiny metal rivets along with the corners of the pockets for holding the denim fabric in place so that it could withstand the stretch and strain of movement. Today, these rivets have become Levi’s signature style for denim jeans and are placed on the corners of the pockets giving a structured look to the zipper fly design.

Furor Jeans

The Eden Apparels own the Furor brand, a clothing line for men that specializes in durable and robust denim jeans. Today it has become a one-stop-shop for ready to wear apparel and accessories for men. A casual clothing brand Furor offers a wide array of casual styles in ripped, smart and regular denim jeans in a variety of elegant colors like black, blue, brown and grey. Furor jeans are considered durable and comfortable as well as affordable.

Levi’s Jeans Vs Furor Jeans

Which one is better, is a matter of personal choice but let’s look at different aspects of both manufacturers by doing a short comparison.

1. Affordability

When it comes to pricing, Furor takes the lead with its affordable prices for its good-quality as compared to levis jeans. Denim jeans priced at Rs. 2500. Levi’s on average has its jeans priced at Rs. 5000 while the high-quality ones can be as much as Rs. 9000, which is considered quite expensive for denim jeans in Pakistan.

2. Quality & Durability

While Furor comes in cheaper than Levi’s, most people find Levi’s to be more comfortable and durable. Levi’s jeans may appear to be curated out of 100% cotton denim but they are manufactured out of a highly durable and abrasion-resistant material called Cordura fibers. This ensures longer wearability and durability of the jeans, so they give more value for money as compared to Furor in the long run.

3. Comfort & Stretch

Levi’s incorporates Lycra fibers in the construction of its jeans for long-lasting elasticity for optimum durability and comfort. Furor jeans lose their elasticity after a few washes whereas Levi’s remains the same even after years of machine washing. They retain their elasticity and stretchability throughout the years and won’t wear out easily.

4. Design & Style

The riveted construction, lined back pockets, added seams and robust reinforcement points have become the distinguishing characteristics of Levi’s jeans. After wearing Levi’s jeans customers find out that these features are not mere artifices but do have a major role in the durability and fashionability of the jeans. Furor jeans, on the other hand, look basic and not as trendy or classy as Levi’s.

Better Jeans Brand

Of course, it depends on personal preferences. If the price is your concern, go for Furor, if you seek quality and don’t care about the price much, then Levi’s is your best bet.