Trending and Good Looking Engagement Dress for Men

In the past few decades, men were not so keen on fashion and dressing sense. That was the reason why dresses for men especially engagements dresses for men were modifying too slow. In the past, men did not embrace the modern-day style and kept a distance from the dresses that were trendy. However, with time and advancements in technology and knowledge, men started to take interest in fashion and started liking good looking wedding and engagement dresses for men.

Weddings and engagements are a big step towards one’s life, and it also is quite difficult and tiresome to carry out these events. The most important question every bride and groom have during these events is what to wear? Yes, you heard that right. Not only women but men also go through these tough times when they do not know what to wear. Most importantly, engagement is the chance to make a good impression on your bride to be as well as your friends. Therefore, it is quite essential to wear good looking engagement dress that impresses everyone.

In Pakistan, each and every designer is trying to make the best engagement dresses for men as men in Pakistan wants to wear a good looking and trending engagement dress. As style is getting more and more fashionable, everyone wants to wear something nice that looks unique. Furthermore, the dress you wear makes a huge impact on your character and your dressing sense tells people what kind of personality do you have.

Therefore, it is quite essential to choose the dress carefully for your engagement as you not only want to impress your woman but your invitees as well. There are many different kinds of dresses that can be worn on an engagement day. However, each and every person has their own personal choice and liking. Some like to wear a suit, while some like to wear Sherwani with embroidery and jewellery. A lot of boutiques and outlets are offering engagement dresses for men in the market.

Engagement Dress for Men List:

  1. Sherwani
  2. Suit
  3. Shalwar kameez
  4. Waistcoat
  5. Digital printed dresses
  6. Semi-formal dresses
  7. Casual dress



One of the most trending and good looking engagement dress for men is the Sherwani. It is one of the most conventional wearing styles in Asia. It was invented hundreds of years ago and was originated from the Mughal empire. Furthermore, Sherwani is one of the few things that never go out of style and form. It can also be worn on various events including but not limited to weddings, engagements and specific events. Everybody in Asia agrees that there is no wedding without the groom wearing a Sherwani. It is quite essential to consider the material, weaving, ornamentation and color of the Sherwani before wearing it in order to impress everyone at the wedding. In case, you are tall and set, you can wear substantial Sherwani in maroon or blue colour for the regal effect. Furthermore, you can even pair the Sherwani with Mughlai styles jutties for extra impression.


If you are going for a plain outfit for your engagement. Do not do that and go for a suit instead. Formal dressing is one of the best dressing for weddings. Formal dresses such as suits are quite easy to wear and go with each and every kind of setting as well as theme. Since the expectations from engagement dresses for men is quite high, people are expecting the groom to be wearing a nice and decent formal dress. Furthermore, the formal attire especially the pants makes you look like an expert as well as a delight in front of your friends and family. It does not matter what type of shading you pick for the formal dress. However, it is quite essential to pick a dress that increments your character as well as allure. The formal dress including the pant, the coat and the tie will definitely make you look handsome. Therefore, according to many people, formal dress is the best choice for commitment function. There are two different kinds of hues for formal dresses, dull and intense. You need to make sure that you pick out the one that compliments your character.

Shalwar kameez

In Muslim countries, Shalwar kameez is one of the best choices to wear in engagements. Many people even argue that it is the best dress to wear to an engagement. Furthermore, in Muslim countries especially in Pakistan, people like the customs and social qualities and traditions. Wearing shalwar kameez keeps these aspects intact and makes you look good in front of everybody. Furthermore, the best shalwar kameez not only enhances your worth but it also makes you look more aesthetic. You can enrich yourself by wearing a shalwar kameez or even a kurta with a pyjama. Nowadays, shalwar kameez in white, green, cream, sky blue and dark-coloured is quite trending and is normally worn in Punjab. In case, you are wearing a shalwar kameez to your engagement, make sure that the hues of the shalwar kameez is lively and brilliant. However, it depends on your personal choice as well.


A jacket or a waistcoat on a shalwar kameez or a kurta is quite common and trending and is one of the most popular patterns in Pakistan. Moreover, one of the most popular and chic design in men dresses is a printed dress with a waistcoat. Men love to wear a waistcoat over a printed dress. However, some of the times, men do feel weird wearing it but most of the time it feels nice. Therefore, waistcoats over printed dresses such as shalwar kameez or a kurta is one of the most appreciated styles in Pakistan. Different designers are making different kinds of prints as this trend is spreading quickly. Furthermore, most of the grooms to be preferred bansuri waistcoat in order to get the traditional look and attraction of their bride to be and the audience.

Digital printed dresses

In the past, digital printed dresses were only for women and men liked to wear to plain outfits. However, now men like digital printed dresses such as florals. One of the most peculiar dresses for grooms is the flower printed coats as well as botanical printed Sherwani. However, you would feel odd wearing one but it is quite trending. Nowadays, men wear printed outfits happily. In Pakistan as well as other Asian countries, wearing printed kurtas and Sherwani is becoming a thing as it looks so nice on men. Furthermore, men are quite expecting designers to make new types of prints. Therefore, it may be wise to try these digital printed dresses on your engagement.

Semi-formal dresses

Quite opposite to the kurta, semi-formal dresses are for those people who like to go easy. Semi-formal dresses are often worn for night engagements and it makes you dress excellently. However, the clothing regulation of semi-formal dresses is quite loose from formal dresses, just like the name suggests. A lot of different kinds of trends are going on. Men can pick any of these trends and dress accordingly. Depending on your personal choice, you can wear a modern printed cotton shirt with a blazer or a jacket, or you can even wear denim with a coat. Since only the loved ones and your close relatives are there for your commitment function, a relaxed swagger look can impress everyone.

Casual dress

Last but not the least, one of the most trending and good looking engagement dresses for men are casual dresses. According to many people, they like the sultry aspect of a shirt and a pair of pant. Many men like to live and wear comfortably. Therefore, they decide to wear casual dress. You could either get it sewed from your designer or buy a ready-made one. Engagement is a big day for everyone and men like to stay calm and relaxed on their big day. Therefore, they like to wear t-shirts and full sleeves shirt on their big day. Depending on your personal choice, you can try wearing gently shaded pants with a silk shirt or you could go for a front full button style. Furthermore, wearing a casual dress allows you to move at your disposal. Therefore, casual dresses are one of the most trending engagement dresses for men.

The final word

Engagement is a big step for both the groom to be and the bride to be, where they exchange their rings. All of the friends and family members of both the bride and groom participate in the function wearing stylish dresses. However, not only the bride wants to look unique and spends hours thinking about what to wear. The groom to do the same as he wants to look elegant and unique with the latest engagement dresses for men.