Best Pakistani Wedding Dress Ideas For Bride

Best Wedding Dress Ideas For Pakistani Girls

Best Ideas What You Can Wear On Your Wedding

The wedding day an exciting day for everyone. But an exceptional day for the couple who are going to be one forever. Everywhere the wedding is a fantastic event, which is full of happiness. Preparations for the wedding begin several days in advance. Everyone has to plan what he can do or what he can wear on the wedding day. Same like the wedding day is more important for the Bride and groom. They also need to plan everything about the wedding day what they need to buy for the wedding day, dresses, shoes, jewelry, perfume, makeup products, or some other items.
Similarly, men buy what they need like Suit, Shoes, Tie, Perfumes, watches Etc. So here we are not going to discuss what you need to buy on your wedding day. But yes we provide you some valuable information about what you can be wear or how you can improve your look on the wedding day.

What should you wear on the wedding day?

A most complicated question, a wedding is an event in which everyone wants to look unique. Because of this the bride and groom want to wear sophisticated and marvel attires to wear on the wedding day. So here we have some advice for you hope you like it.

Best Pakistani Wedding Dresses For Bride.

As you know, in Pakistan, most girls like to wear Lehenga on her wedding day. But here you have more options or have some other Type of Pakistani bridal dresses you can wear at the wedding.

  • Bridal Lehenga
  • Gharara 
  • Angrakha, 
  • Lehenga Choli 
  • Bridal Gown 
  • Saree 
  • Peplum Wedding Dress

These are traditional wedding attire in India and Pakistan. But in Pakistan, mostly the bride likes to wear heavy embroidered Lehenga with traditional bottom wear gharara. But another option is that wear embroidered Kurti with sharara, it’s also famous wedding attire in Pakistan. So it is up to you what you want to wear. This Video can help you to plan what you can wear on each day of the wedding. So look a piece of expert advice to the right choice.

  • Bridal Lehenga

Bridal Lehenga

Lehnga is a traditional Pakistani bridal dress liked by most of the girls. Every girl wishes to wear heavy worked lehenga with traditional gharara. It’s looking so gorgeous or giving a pretty look to the bride. It is something that is worn most of the time and is the quintessential wedding dress for a Pakistani girl. The outfit is consisting of three pieces. A heavy embroidered shirt, dupatta, and a lehenga. Lehnga is a type of skirt that is fitted from the hips and spreads out downwards. It’s more color full than other formal dresses, heavy embroidery work was done beautifully or extra embellished with stone and mirror work. So It’s a batter option to wear at the wedding. There are many fashion designers and brands introducing wedding wear dresses for the bride and groom. They also introduced amazing ideas in bridal wear with modern cut and style. Some fashion designers have amazing fashion senses or can’t be impressed once you look at their artwork. So here we give you some information about the best fashion designer in Pakistan.

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Angrakha Style For Bridal

Angrakha Bridal Dress

Angrakha is another traditional dress or use as wedding and party wear. It’s designed in various styles and different patterns of heavy work embroidery frocks. Shorts and long but essential things are ordinary. Also, prevalent in Indian and Pakistani girls. Angrakha has a different pattern; if you like to wear a long shirt, then you can wear a chori pajama, it’s giving you a dramatic look. But if you like to wear a short Kurti style, then you can wear it with gharara. It’s looking unique and stealing attention. Why I am saying that it’s looking unique because rather than Lehenga, Pishwash, and saree, it provides you more attention and glamour’s look. Same as Lehenga, Angrakha also consisting of 3pcs, heavy embroidered shirt, dupatta, and trouser as you like.

Bridal Gown For Wedding

Best Pakistani Wedding Gown

Wedding Gown is another stunning choice for the bride. The gown is a usually loose outerwear knee- to full-length worn by women in India and Pakistan. You can wear them as formal and casual wear also. But on the wedding day, you need to wear an embroidered Gown. Like other wedding dresses, the gown also looks beautiful. It’s a unique kind of dress that looks like a long frock, and the bottom is more rounded. You can wear simple trouser with an embroidered bottom. So these all are traditional wedding wear dresses in India and Pakistan, or most girls like to wear these dresses on the wedding day. Each designer is always presenting the latest collections of wedding wear, including these styles of dresses. So you can easily buy designer bridal dresses for your wedding day. A complete embroidered Gown with heavy worked dupatta and bottom a sensible pair for your wedding day.

Best Bridal Fashion Designer In Pakistan

It is difficult to say here which fashion designer is most famous in Pakistan. Because every fashion designer has introducing impressive artwork in party wear and bridal wear dresses. If I name a few here, maybe those designers aren’t your choice, so here we have an idea for you to rate your favorite fashion designer in Pakistan. I search Facebook pages of some leading fashion designers in Pakistan or found something interesting. Maybe it helps you to know the top fashion designer in Pakistan.

Pakistani Fashion Designers

What do you think now? Who is your favorite fashion designer? Here I have collected those fashion designers who getting most liked by Pakistani people. Maybe I forget to mention here some other fashion designers, but these are top-rated Bridal, and party wears Pakistani fashion designers in my mind. So here you saw a very first name is Asim Jofa.

  • Asim Jofa Bridal Dresses

A leading and innovative fashion designer of Pakistan Asim Jofa has a big follower on the official Facebook page. A big sign of that, Asim Jofa is a most liked fashion designer of Pakistani people. They are introducing a wide range of women’s clothing, like Bridal Wear, Party Wear, Luxury Formal Wear, Unstitched Lawn, & pret collections for each season. Bridal wear and luxury unstitched lawn collection are most famous or getting much attention from girls and women. Asim Jofa is genuinely an excellent and creative designer. His work is very professional and unique. The brand has always introduced elegant prints with very vibrant and attractive colors. Asim Jofa also a big name in bridal wear. They will be introducing stunning embroidery patterns in every bridal wear, an amazing combination of colors. Very unique and sophisticated embroidery adding with modern cut and style. You will find all kinds of bridal dresses in this brand with contemporary ideas.

Asim Jofa

Heavily embellished bridal lehnga choli with an element of grandiose featuring work on the front and back of U-shaped choli in Kora Dabka, Resham, Baadla and Zardoze. The piece is coordinated with a dupatta beautifully sculptured with four sided hand worked border.

Asim Jofa

Baby pink sleeveless Net gown back tail style with beautiful silver work in Kora Dabka and Pearl work all over. Top front and back of the dress is composed of heavy work with vertical lines at the back and motifs scattered all over the dress.

Asim Jofa

Breathtaking bridal silver gown reflecting royalty allured with off shoulder bodice embellished using the finest materials and techniques of silver Dabka, Naqshi, Resham, Zardoze and Pearls. The dress is beautifully coordinated with an Organza monotone silver dupatta with heavily embellished borders on all four sides.

Maria-B Bridal Dresses

Another well known and creative fashion designer in the Pakistani fashion industry. Maria-B. The official Facebook page has 2.1 million followers around the world. Maria B is a designer with unique creativity. Also, make her space in the market due to introducing such contemporary and traditional ideas in women’s clothing. The brand also introducing Bridal, formal, party wears, or unstitched lawn for women. Especially adding Maria-B kids wear in modernized and unique ways. So our second recommendation is Maria B. Bridal dresses of this brand have truly modern and contemporary. Each suite has a dramatic embroidery pattern to fascinate you. So hopefully if you chose Maria-B dress to wear to the wedding. So it would be certainly better for you and giving you a rugged look on your wedding day.

Maria B Maria B Maria B

HSY Bridal Dresses

Hassan Sheheryar Yasin, formally known by HSY, is another top-rated fashion designer in Pakistan. 2000 marked the introduction of Yasin’s owns fashion label, HSY. Starting as a bridal and formal wear couture house, it became one of Pakistan’s most recognized fashion labels and employed over 350 people and six stores internationally (including Dubai), with the flagship housed in Lahore. In 2003, Karachi-based Diva Magazine placed Yasin on the cover of their “Most Powerful People” issue and as one of their 10 “Faces of the Year.” In 2007, Yasin introduced a jewelry line under the HSY brand. Source

HSY Bridal HSY Bridal HSY Bridal

Plan To Buy A Contemporary Bridal Dress For You

So here we have suggested to you if you can buy your bridal dress from these leading fashion designers without any hesitation. So there is a wide range available of the latest bridal dress for you. You can visit the official website or scroll the bridal wear category. I hope you defiantly find an adorable attire for your wedding day. Once you have selected, then you can place your order online or can be book appointment. So here we have some extra suggestions to choose your bridal dress carefully.

Do you know some fashion designers also advise you to select a pretty outfit for the wedding? Yes, when you make an appointment with a fashion designer, then they also help you to choose the right and suitable wedding attire for you. So you need to know some basic things to select the right attire for you.

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Pick the right color combination for day and night function. If you are going to wear a bridal dress at night function, then you need to select a light color combination, because you are going to face high light. Your wedding dress will look attractive because of its shiny embroidery. White dress with gray and silver embroidery or golden color dresses with matched golden embroidery work also giving you a vibrant look at night.

Samwise, if you are going to wear a bridal dress at day, then it’s up to you. You can choose Red, Blue, Dark Maroon, or other dark combinations of color. The open space and the wedding hall have to be kept in mind. Here you can find more valuable information from the expert you need to look here.

A wedding is an occasion that everyone wants to make memorable. It’s been with you all your life. That is why on this occasion everyone wants to look beautiful. So at this event, you can’t ignore a little thing. With the dress, you need to focus on your jewelry, shoes, handbag, and some other stuff. Indeed, hairstyle, make-up, or other accessories to look beautiful.

How to select the right dress for Mehndi, Barat, and William?

  • Best Dress For Mehndi Night

Usually, at the Mehndi night, mostly girls prefer to wear yellow and green colors dresses in India and Pakistan. The logic behind this, as you know, older women are applying Ubtan on bride body and hand. So maybe this is why the yellow dress is worn on the henna. The Mehndi program is an exciting moment. In which friends and family members of the bride dancing together and sing songs of joy. So it is the first day of your wedding you need to more caring about your dress. A typically embroidered frock, Short but minor embroidered yellow Kurti with green trouser, the best idea for Mehndi night. You can wear fresh flower jewelry; it also keeps you fresh all night. Some girls like to wear Kurti & chori-pajama, with traditional Khussa. It’s not a bad idea for you.

Yellow Mehndi Dress For Bride

Best Bridal Dress For Baraat

Another important day of the wedding. So you need to wear easy to carry and graceful dresses. Why I am asking, you need to wear easy to carry dress, because you are going to move to another city. So it keeps you comfortable, and you can’t tire. Mostly girls are wearing Heavy Lehenga, on this day, it’s not a bad idea, but you need to care about the length of your dress. It shouldn’t be too long. These days some fashion designers presenting some contemporary approaches to wear on Baraat. Some dresses have an impressive cut and style or combination of a western look. So the selection of right bridal dresses giving you more attention at the wedding.

Best Dress For Baraat Day

Best Bridal Dress For Walima

Usually the last day of the wedding. If you wear some bright color dresses on the previous night, then what do you think about moving on some dark colors. But first you have to see, Williama is not at night. If it is night function, then you must be wearing some light color combination. It can give you more elegance, look at night. Before you wear a traditional dress but know you can move on some modern and contemporary dress for Walima. It can also be a short embroidered shirt with gorgeous gharara, or you need to make a pair with rich embroidered bell-bottom trousers. I see some fantastic heavy embroidered bottom wear like this. But usually, girls wear luxury dresses at Walima. So choice also up to you because it’s your day.

bridal dress for walima day

So finally hope you like our suggestion, or maybe this article helps you to select the right wedding dresses on your wedding day. But remember you need to plan all the things before your wedding. You also assist your friend and other family members. So first you need to finalize your dresses, after that you can move to buy some matching shoes and handbags. Jewelry is a more important thing for the wedding day, but no need to worry about color. Now it’s over; we look at your recommendation or comment about this article. Stay healthy and enjoy your wedding days with happiness.