Best Nikkah Dresses For Bride In 2020

NIkah Dress For Bride

Nikkah is a sunnah in Islam and also a big day for every girl because she starts a new era in life and gets married to her loving person. So in Muslim countries, this is the most prominent family event and celebrating well. Everyone happy and paying prayers to the new couple with a blessing. So it’s almost a big day for the bride, so she wants that looks gorgeous than others and also has wish to wear something that they give pretty look and also suitable for personality. So she is more sensitive to selecting the best wedding dress for her nikkah day. In Pakistan, most girls like to wear red color bridal dresses, but nowadays this trend change, but still Red color bridal dress is the very first choice of girls. So here we also discuss what you can wear on your nikkah day and even publishing some pretty and chic nikkah dresses for your wedding day.

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Best & Trendy Bridal Lehenga Designs & Nikkah Dresses

Best Nikkah Dresses

First of all, you need to plan what you want to wear on your nikkah day, so according to your choice, you can select the best nikkah dress as you wish. So it’s no difficulty to choose the best nikkah dress for your wedding, declare something that you want to wear, as you know Lehenga choli, is one of the best and fashionable wedding attire in Pakistan. Same as some other wedding dresses are mostly liked by Pakistani girls and prefer to wear on nikkah day. Lehenga Choli, Lehenga with Gharara, Saree, Bridal Gown, and nowadays peplum with gharara is trending, and most liked dress by the bride. So I can’t suggest you wear our recommended clothing because the choice is also your right we just aware of the latest trends of today. So here we provide you some details about these bridal dresses.

Bridal Angrakha With Sharara


One of the most liked dresses for nikkah day and mostly girls prefer to wear a heavy hand embroidered lehenga because it’s a traditional attire of weddings in Pakistan. A lehenga is a form of full ankle-length skirt worn by women, and also a very first choice of bride. It’s heavily embellished with tila, gota, zardozi, and other ornaments martial to adorned beauty fully. Some designers also embellished with stone and mirror work, further adorned with sophisticated handwork embroidery by experienced workers. Lehenga consisting of ankle-length skirt that heavy embroidered dress for the wedding day, but some designers make a blouse and long bottom with heavy embroidery, both forms looking dashing and provide you stunning look on your nikkah day.
Some designer’s work is very innovative, and they create a dramatic pattern to make your nikkah daydreamy. So you need to provide your body size for making your bridal dress and color which one you like to wear on your nikkah day. In Pakistan, too many designers available physically, so find out your favorite designer and submit your order.

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Saree For Nikkah Day:


Saree another wedding attire, but I think it’s not a fashionable attire in Pakistan. But women also wear this attire on different oceans and festive days. So if you want to wear a Saree on your nikkah day, then you must grab your nearest brand outlets.

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Peplum With Gharara Pants:

Best NIkkah Dresses Peplum bridal Dress
So if you are going to wear a Peplum dress on your nikkah day, I asked you that it is the right choice according to the latest trend. And also the best nikkah dress right now trending and mostly girls prefer it to wear on the wedding day. These days were leading fashion designer of Pakistani introducing marvel trends and embroidery pattern in Peplum dresses, and they bring modern ideas in cut and style. Peplum dresses consisting of two pieces, one of the shirts and the bottom depends on you what you want to wear, a stylish Garara or Sharara and Ghrara pent also wear with this dress. And you also can select light and heavy embroidered dupatta with it.
Each fashion designer in Pakistan, releasing the latest bridal collection before starting the wedding season in Pakistan. So you need to look at some top-rated designers outlet or online website and defiantly you can find a perfect dress according to your needs. Shirt of this dress embellished with stunning handwork embroidery, and you can set length of shirt according to your needs. If you are tall, then I can suggest you must be worn a Peplum dress on your nikkah day. To find the best dress and enhance your look and grace with sophisticated Peplum dresses.

Best NIkkah Dresses Peplum bridal Dress

So I hope you can decide easily: how you can find the best nikkah dresses for your wedding day. But before selecting the right attire, you need to keep something in your mind; always choose the right color according to your function time. If your function prepares in the night, then you need some light color combination because it reflects your personality as well. In extra embellishment, may your dresses have adorned with mirror and stonework, then it also giving you glamour’s look in high lights. So if your nikkah will be performed in daylight, then you may select dark colors too. So nowadays Peplum dresses are more modish and trendy because it’s giving you a modern look.
So if you want to change the cut and style of these dresses, then you suggest the designer what you need and where you won’t change. So I hope you like to wear a masterpiece of Peplum nikkah dresses and stun your look on the wedding day. Here we suggest some top and leading fashion designers in Pakistan. These designers also creative and have fantastic fashion sense; they defiantly provide you a fantastic dress for your nikkah day. So let’s have a look and select your favorite fashion designer.

Best Fashion Designer In Pakistan

  • Asim Jofa
  • Maria B
  • Tena Durrani
  • Sana Safinaz
  • HSY (Hassan Sheheryar Yasin)
  • House Of Mehdi
  • Elan
  • Nomi Ansari
  • Deepak Perwani
  • Zainab Chottani

Asim Jofa Bridal Dresses

Asim Jofa is one of the best and leading fashion designers in Pakistan and also working well for several years. Innovation, modish, and luxury attire are a sign of Asim Jofa and also get IAFA International Asian Fashion Awards as the Best Designer Brand in 2012. The designer is also working on wedding wear, traditional wear, and western wear, formal and semiformal dresses according to your needs. Artwork and fashion sense of this designer keep you stun and make a notable attire for every season and oceans.

Asim Jofa Bridal Best Nikkah Dresses

Maria-B Bridal Wear Dresses

Maria B, another top-rated fashion designer in Pakistan, brings the change in women living style with innovative fashion and trends. Also, have large followership and thousands of satisfied clients around the world. Maria b also introduced unique and modern attire with a chic pattern of embroidery. The classical artist also is known for his work, so the creation of Maria be mesmerizing you. Sophisticated handwork and combination or art such a dramatic color combination give you a stunning look than others.

Maria B Nikkah Dresses

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So I don’t know which one is your favorite fashion designer, but these are highly demanding and leading fashion designer in Pakistani fashion and clothing industry. So comment below your favorite fashion designer, so we also want to know about your choice. So if you are looking for some best nikkah dresses for your wedding. A happy wedding day, enjoy your wedding function and remember us.