Men Kurta & Shalwar Kameez

Best Collar Designs For Mens Shalwar Kameez

Latest Mens Shalwar Kameez Collar Designs

Shalwar Kameez is a traditional dress of mostly Pakistani people. On regular days or some occasions, most Pakistani men want to wear some stylish Shalwar Kameez and Kurta with pajama. So here, we are going to share some ideas or latest Collar Designs For Men Shalwar Kameez. Every man wishes to wear something unique like women, so in this case, men have a minimal choice in Kurta and Shalwar Kameez. Because these dresses have not embellished with prints and embroidery or other accessories. But on some special days like a wedding event or some other family event, men can have little bit batter choice than simple Kurta Shalwar. You can get some embroidery on neck Patti, and collar. So here, we discuss available ideas in Men’s Shalwar Kameez.

Simple Shalwar Kameez Designs:

In routine days every man wants to wear simple Shalwar Kameez in color fabric. Some peoples also like to wear white Shalwar Kameez in cotton fabric. But summer is very hot in Pakistan, so on sunny days mostly men want to wear reliable soft and comfortable dresses. Like washing wear, Summer Khaddar, or paper cotton due to light stuff. But in winter this trend can be changed with thin fabric or cotton dresses. Some old peoples who work neatly like office and some other work they like to wear White Shalwar Kameez because it’s looking charming. So if we say that Pakistani people wearing simple Shalwar Kameez in normal or working days, it’s true.

Men Kurta:

Kurta is a little bit different then Shalwar Kameez but has the same pattern. Here I can explain something to understand the difference between these. Shalwar Kameez has a straight pattern of stitching or has a folding collar or cuff on sleeves. A pocket on the front of the shirt for keeping a cellphone or other things. A picture of Simple Shalwar Kameez, you can look below hope you can understand as well.

Men Shalwar kameez

Kurta is looking like this, but kurta is an advance stitching style for men. The difference between Kurta and Men Shalwar kameez is that in Kurta tailors stitching Collar Ban without folding its has 1.5-inch height only. Kurta swing without Cuff on Sleeves. Sleeves are straight in a kurta. You can get additional embroidery designs on Collar Ban and Neck Patti if you want to wear a kurta on different occasions. Then you can get an extra touch of embroidery in front of kurta. It’s looking great on wedding functions or others also. You can view below a simple Kurta Design to understand as well.

Men Kurta Design

So hope you understand well what difference between Kurta Shalwar and Shalwar Kameez. Kurta is more color full then shalwar kameez; you can wear some sharp colors in kurta without any hesitation. It also gives you a more graceful look then shalwar kameez.

Latest Collar Designs For Men’s Shalwar Kameez

Here we have some latest Collar designs for Shalwar Kameez. But in this attire, mostly Men like to wear simple Suits without collar embroidery and designs. But we have some cool ideas for your wardrobe. Street tailors or Men fashion designers always introducing some amazing ideas in Men clothing, so look here or plan to change your style.

Latest Collar Designs For Men Kurta

Men Kurta has an extensive range of men’s clothing. If you want to wear kurta as formal wear, then you can wear some simple kurta in bright and vivid colors. Every look of this attire attractive and give you a prominent look. So it’s up to you which color you like to wear. Same as if you want to wear kurta on wedding functions then you have more choice. You can adore these attire with some embroidery work on collar and neckline. It’s looking sophisticated, or if your skin fair, then you need to wear some dark colors like Black, Brown, Camel, or others. So here we have some ideas of latest collar designs for men kurta, have a look, or change your style with glamour.

Fancy Kurta Shalwar For Wedding:

In wedding function or other Muslim occasions, you can’t wear simple dresses. But yes you are right some peoples always wear simple dresses at the wedding and on other occasions, but you know that those peoples are aged not young. So here we are talking about the young generation. Younger also want to change in style. Or want to wear something unique than others. So each youngster has their fashion sense or applies in his clothing. Anyway here have some ideas for youngsters maybe you can like or want to wear in the next wedding function. If you wear kurta in a wedding function, then you need to select some bright colors that give you a glamour look. Because bright colors have more attraction than other colors. You can be done some embroidery on a top front side of kurta, look below here we have ideas for you.

Same as this, you can adore your wedding function attire with more ideas. You can do a little bit of embroidery on the kurta neckline. It’s looking cool, but one thing you need to keep in mind, heavy embroidery work, not looking good. So if you want to wear stylish kurta on the wedding function of a friend, then you need to choose a little bit embroidered kurta. Do you know? Every groom wants to wear yellow kurta on his Mehndi function. Yes, I also wear a stylish Yellow Kurta at my wedding. So here is an idea of Neckline embroidery; maybe you like it badly.


It’s beautiful and straightforward, and I mostly like to wear this type of kurta with minor embroidery work. It’s looking cool and sophisticated, or middle age person easily wears without hesitation. I love middle Mehndi color Kurta or last one black; these both are very simple and attractive. One thing i look in this simple and minor embroidery not looking bad for middle-age persons. You can wear these on wedding functions and festive days. So here we have published some latest ideas in men’s wear.

Designer Men Kurta & Shalwar Kameez

Here is another option for men, nowadays men fashion designers create allot of the latest ideas in men’s clothing. Some old brands are also working in the men’s clothing industry. Junaid Jamshed, Edenrobe, Ismail, Amar Adnan, or some other designer also working well or creating unique and inspirational ideas in men’s clothing. These brands not only producing wedding wear or some other occasions wear dresses. Now, these brands introducing formal and casual wear collections for each season.

So if you afford brand fabric, then these brands are the right choice for you. They can’t compromise on quality or producing high-quality stuff for you. One more thing is the batter in these brands. If you want to stitch your attire from street tailors, then sometimes they can’t satisfy you. The stitching quality and design of these street tailors are much different than brands. But I can’t say that every street tailors un-experienced. In every city, you can find some very experienced tailors. So need to check there work before giving your order. So here we have published some latest ideas of brands men’s wear hope you like these ideas or plan to change your style soon.