Buy Branded Bed Sheets A Buying Guide

Buying bedding accessories is one of the most challenging shopping lists due to various reasons, like color selection, prints, fabric, and quality. Pakistan is also a textile hub and imports multiple products to the world, and many brands work in bedding fabric and make high-quality stuff. But they sold at a bit high price; Here we give you some gold tips to buy export quality bed sheets at the direct factory rates. Many textile mills have their own factory outlets, and they are selling leftover products at there own outlets at reasonable prices. So you can visit their fair price shops and get high-quality stuff at the best price.

Bext Quality Cotton Bed Sheet

Cotton Bed Sheet

We start a project by the name of Export House and selling their prime quality fabric at direct factory prices. Our workers are visiting many outlets of textiles mills and collecting pure cotton bed sheets from fair price shops and selling at our online store Export House. We promise that we buy all stuff from exporters textile mills. All stuff is high quality and made by pure cotton with solid prints that never be rough. Here we create a guide for you to choose the right and best quality bedding accessories for your home.

Printing Pattern Of Bed Sheets

You see many designs and printing patterns at the market, but maybe you can’t know the pattern of prints, so next time when you are visiting the market, you can call printed pattern by name. So let’s have a look below the variant of printing pattern and name.

All Over Prints: 

Cotton Bed Sheet All Over Print

A bedsheet with the same print without any border called “all over.” So, according to your interior, you can select the right bed sheet for your living room.

Check Prints:

I think you well know this term Check; any print has a box pattern called check print. You need to check your other stuff like curtains, sofa cover and then decide what is actually you buy; they give a sensational look to your interior.

Stripe Prints:

A printing pattern has printed in straight linning from a side to another side is called striper.

Solid Colors: 

Single Color Bed Sheet

A single color is called a solid print. If your interior color is sold then you need to try a sold color bed sheet, what do you think about it?

So now whenever you are visiting the market, also check your needs and make a mind what you want to buy.

Fabric Of Bed Sheets:

Cotton Bed Sheets:

Mostly women like pure cotton fabric bed sheets because it’s comfortable and never producing heat when you are lying on the bed. One more advantage is the longlasting color.

Polyester Bed Sheets:

Noe one makes a bedsheet with pure Polyester, but the vendor made a combination of cotton and Polyester due to enhance the durability of bedsheets. So you need to check the ratio of mixing Polyester, it should be 70% cotton and 30% polyester, but keep in mind, less use of Polyester is a batter.

Silk Bed Sheets:

Silk is premium and costly fabric, and yes, it’s also durable for use, but the bad thing is that you never use this in summer days because it because its producing heat. But the Silk bed sheet looking adorable and improve the interior and give it a luxe look.

Every woman wants to keep a clean home, and they are also trying to give it batter look and style. That was every family spending a lot of money on the interior and furnished the home as well. Women are also crazy about the color scheme of living rooms and bedrooms, and after a long day’s work, there is only one bed where you can rest. So a clean, comfortable, and comfortable bed can give you a good night’s sleep.

Single & Double Bed Sheet Size In Pakistan

Single Bed Size

In Pakistan, mostly furniture manufacturers make the bed below to 60X80″ inches, so bedsheet manufacturers made Bed Sheet in 70X90” inches to cover your bed from all sides. So whenever you want to buy a new bedsheet, check these dimensions and then buy.

Double Bed Size 

Furniture manufacturers are made double bed size in 70X90″ inches and to cover it properly you need the exact Bed Sheet in 80X100″ inches, its a standard size bed sheet and most of bedding wear brands cut bed sheet in this size.

King Bed Size

King bed size is made by international standard size, and it is around 80X90″ inches, so you need the exact size of the bedsheet in 90X100″ to cover your bed entirely. So keep in mind whenever you are buying a new bed sheet for your bedroom must buy a 90X100″ inches bed sheet.

Where To Buy Export Quality Bed Sheets?

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As we mention above, we start selling export quality bed sheets, and we collect this stuff from Pakistan leading manufactures. So you can buy pure cotton, cotton & Polyester, export quality bed sheets, and bedding accessories at Export House. We promise that we deliver what we mention and also offering a 7-days return and exchange policy for our honorable customers. So, you can buy with full trust and satisfaction.