Ayesha Omar

Ayesha Omar Talks About Bulbulay Season 2

Ayesha Omer is a stylish and passionate actress in Pakistani Film, and Drama industry, talking about upcoming movies and dramas. While discussing Bulbulay Season 2 she gives some information about the latest upcoming Movie by Kamran Shahid. So let’s enjoy the latest talk with Ayesha Omar, hope you enjoy.

Ayesha Omar Talks About Her Relationship With Ahsan Khan

Ayesha Omar also talking about kids who working in Bulbulay Season 1.

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Ayesha Omar Talking About Upcoming Movie

She said she would like to focus more on herself this year instead of focusing on social media. In a question, she said that education is very important for women so that they do not need anybody for their needs. Aisha Omar will be appearing in the movie “Money Back Guarantee” which will be released this year.

Ayesha Omar New Photoshoot For Clothing Brand

A new photoshoot of actress Aisha Omar has been released. The actress completed this new photoshoot for a renowned designer and makeup artist. The actress is dressed in a black and gold lehenga bra in this released photoshoot. The actress will be seen playing the lead role with actor Ahsan Khan in the new film “Rahebra”.

Ayesha Omar Talking About Family Issues

After her father’s death, the mother did not even have a pie, but she raised her two children with determination and courage.

Aisha Omar’s emotional statement on her mother’s birthday brought back childhood memories with fans. Aisha Omar wrote in a post on Instagram that after the death of her father the family left her mother alone, but they did not give up and raised their children,

Aisha Omar wrote, “A widow who had 2 children did not even have a pie in her late husband’s name, all of her sister’s brothers were married and they believed that her sister’s family was married. They will be able to take good care of them economically and emotionally.

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